Busy Parent Briefing: 3 Generations Killed in Bronx Zoo Car Crash Tragedy


What was to be a simple car ride took a very tragic turn on Sunday when a family’s mini van plunged off the highway into the Broxn Zoo 60 feet below. The driver of the Honda Pilot, 45-year-old Maria Gonzalez, apparently lost control of the vehicle when the car hit the median and swerved, crossing all the lanes of the highway before the car went over the guard rail. The van landed upside down in a overgrown ravine in the Bronx Zoo. No one below was harmed, but eight people representing three generations were killed in the accident.

Those who lost their lives in the accident, as Huffington Post reported, include “85-year-old Jacob Nunez and 81-year-old Ana Julia Martinez, both from the Dominican Republic, and their daughters, 45-year-old Maria Gonzalez, and 39-year-old Maria Nunez” as well as, “10-year-old Jocelyn Gonzalez, the daughter of the driver, and 7-year-old Niely Rosario and 3-year-old Marly Rosario, both daughters of Nunez.”

As of now, there doesn’t seem to be any insight into why the accident happened. But it is all so tragic regardless of the cause, our thoughts are with the rest of their families.

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