Busy Parent Briefing: 7 Killed in California School Shooting - What Happened?

Oikos University

I hate to hear these stories. Schools are there to benefit one’s life, a place for learning and education. But every now and then, tragedy strikes. On Monday another senseless killing occurred at a place of learning.  Reportedly at the Oikos University in East Oakland, California, nine people were shot and the police believe that six have been killed (UPDATE – Now the count is up to seven). What happened?

The shooting apparently happened – according to CNN reports – at a private Christian college on Monday at about 10:30 am. A round of gunshots were heard by staff along with the screams of “he’s got a gun!”

The suspect was apprehended and arrested in Alameda, a short drive from East Oakland. The police stated that, “I can confirm that we do have one person who has been detained that we believe is possibly responsible for this shooting.” The suspect who has been described as a “heavyset Korean man in his 40s” had reportedly been a nursing student there, but wasn’t currently enrolled but was in the classroom anyways.

Our thoughts go out to the families touched by this tragedy.

Image: Google Maps via Metro.Us




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