Busy Parent Briefing: A New Report of Mad Cow Disease in the United States - Should We Be Worried?


There are three words that totally freak me out and give me the heebie-jeebies: “mad cow disease.”  The thought of a resurgence of this disease is enough to make a carnivore like me rethink my meat-eating ways.  And today, those three words, which I had all but shoved aside in my over-crowded file of paranoias, has come back, and in my home state of California no less.  Is it something that will have the meat industry (and consumers) shaking in their boots?

So, far, according to the authorities, there is no reason to worry. This case of mad cow disease the first case in about six years in the U.S.-  is an isolated case and there is as Jezebel quotes, “no risk to the food supply or to human health.”  The sick cow in question was actually a milk cow, not a cow used for meat, and apparently you can’t catch the disease from milk.

And although there may be no direct effect on the beef industry, I think this case of mad cow disease may hurt the somewhat fragile meat market.

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