Busy Parent Briefing: Former Senator John Edwards Will Not Face Retrial


The legal battle for John Edwards ended today when Department of Justice announced that they would not retry the former Senator. Earlier this month Edwards’ six-week-long trial on corruption charges ended with an acquittal on one count and a mistrial on five others. Lanny A. Breuer, a representative of the Justice Department’s criminal division said that “in the interest of justice” Edwards will not face a retrial on those five counts. 

Despite the dismissal, Breuer maintains that bringing the trial against the former Senator to the courts was the right thing to do. “We knew that this case — like all campaign finance cases — would be challenging,” he said. “But it is our duty to bring hard cases when we believe that the facts and the law support charging a candidate for high office with a crime.”

The Senator was accused of campaign-finance violations. The government claimed that the more than $1 million dollars Edwards received from friends Rachel Mellon and Fred Baron were campaign contributions. Edwards maintained that the money was a gift. The money was allegedly used to hide an affair with his mistress, Rielle Hunter, with whom it was later revealed he fathered a child.

Edwards’ attorney, Abbe D. Lowell, told the press “We are very glad that, after living under this cloud for over three years, John and his family can have their lives back and enjoy the peace they deserve.”

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