Busy Parent Briefing: Irene Makes Her Way Up East Coast


After causing high seas, a handful of injuries and a lot of panic in Florida, Hurricane Irene is continuing to move up the East Coast, expected to hit North Carolina tomorrow and then continue heading north to deluge major cities including New York.

Obama is warning that this could be a “historic hurricane”, and urging people to prepare for the storm and follow any evacuation orders given. He’ll be returning from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard a day early to deal with the storm situation.

You’ve presumably already got your bottled water and batteries in your flashlights. What else do you need to know to prep your family for this extreme weather?

First off, if you can avoid traveling on the East Coast this weekend, do. Airlines are already moving flights around, and expect things to be even more disrupted once the storm hits.

If you live on the East Coast, even as far north as Cape Cod, you want to take the storm warnings seriously. Stay tuned to your local news outlets and heed any evacuation warnings or other advisories that come your way.

And finally, this should be obvious, but stay out of the water. Hurricane surfers are flocking to catch the big waves Irene is bringing to shore. Your common sense has already told you not to join them. Listen to it. Surfing in a hurricane is really dumb.

How are you preparing for Hurricane Irene?

Photo: Official US Navy Imagery