Busy Parent Briefing: NBC Set to Announce New 'Today Show' Co-Host One Day After Ann Curry's Tearful Good Bye


With all the excitement over this morning’s announcement of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act, you may have missed Ann Curry’s tearful good bye on the Today Show. Curry, who was the co-anchor of the show alongside Matt Lauer for only one year, was asked to step down from the show and will instead be leading a team around the world to cover top stories, produce network specials, and occasionally fill in as anchor on NBC Nightly News.

While Curry seems more than a little reluctant to leave her post as Today’s anchorwoman, NBC has wasted no time at all in finding someone to take over the role. In fact, the network has found a new co-host so quickly I doubt Curry’s chair will have a chance to grow cold before her replacement takes a seat behind the news desk tomorrow morning.

Wondering whose shining face you can expect to see when you tune into tomorrow’s Today Show? NBC has been tight-lipped about the decision, but sources tell US Magazine that Savannah Guthrie will be taking the job. Guthrie, who has a law degree from Georgetown and currently appears on Today’s 9 o’clock hour, is set to appear on the show tomorrow during which Jezebel reports she will formally announce her new role.

Sources from NBC say the network is eager to share the news because Matt Lauer will be out of town on vacation next week and they want to announce his new co-host while he is still around to show a “united front.”

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