Busy Parent Briefing: Shooting Near Texas A&M — What Happened?

Texas A&M

Thank goodness that school is still out for the summer. On Monday there was a shooting at the fairly quiet and empty Texas A&M University campus in College Station. According to reports, a shooter opened fire in an area next to the usually busy campus. When the shooting began, the university issued something called a “Code Maroon” which stated there there was an “active shooter” on the loose. “Please avoid the area. Residents in the immediate area need to remain inside their residence,”the statement warned.

Rhonda Seaton, the College Station Police spokeswoman,  confirmed that…

police were among the “multiple injuries” reported.  An update from ABC News reports that one police officer and one civilian were killed and two others were injured. Texas A&M spokeswoman Sherylon Carroll didn’t give out any additional details but did note that the campus was pretty empty since school does not being until the 27th of August. “It appeared to be fairly quiet,” Carroll said of the school campus. “It didn’t appear to be a lot of people out and about at that particular time.”

Thankfully the shooter was quickly apprehended and is now in police custody.


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