Busy Parent Briefing: The Earthquake's Not All... Hurricane Irene Due to Hit East Coast

hurricane irene, east coast weather
NASA photo of a hurricane over North Carolina. Hurricane Irene is expected to hit there this weekend.

I can’t believe my daughter and I missed the earthquake that was felt from Brooklyn down to its epicenter near Richmond, VA this afternoon. We’re visiting my mother in Central New York, and we didn’t feel a thing up here.  As strange as it was, the earthquake won’t be the last major East Coast event of this week.  Hurricane Irene is due to hit North Carolina this weekend, with winds exceeding 110 miles an hour.

National Geographic quotes meteorologist Jeff Masters as saying, “The storm could be comparable to Hurricane Floyd, a devastating 1999 hurricane that made landfall in North Carolina and caused more than U.S. $9 billion in damage in the U.S. and Canada.”  They say, “By Thursday morning, the storm is expected to be traveling due north toward North Carolina as a Category 3 hurricane, meaning that it will have winds of 111 to 130 miles (178 to 209 kilometers) an hour.”

If the jet stream pushed south over the next five days, there’s a chance that the hurricane won’t make landfall.  But for now, “The National Hurricane Center’s current five-day forecast predicts that Irene will come ashore Saturday morning somewhere around Morehead City, North Carolina.”  Get your family ready!

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