Busy Parent Briefing: Your Credit Card Information May Have Been Stolen


Representatives from Mastercard and Visa say that a breach at a major processing firm may have put the credit card information of many at risk. The information appears to have been hacked between January 21 and February 25.

The breach has been reported as ‘massive’ by Krebs Security who claim it could affect as many as 10 million credit cards numbers. Avivah Litan, a Gartner security analyst, says that hackers have already begun using the stolen information. Litan goes onto say that her sources informed her that the breach began with a parking garage company in New York City “so if you’ve paid a NYC cab in the last few months with your credit or debit card be sure to check your card statements for possible fraud.” 

Visa and Mastercard have issued statements stating that they have informed clients who are potentially affected by the fraud. Discover is also currently monitoring accounts for evidence that customers have been affected by the breach.

Of course, victims of credit card information theft are generally not responsible for fraudulent charges to their account, but it’s still an inconvenience no one wants to deal with. Keep an eye on your statement over the coming weeks to ensure your charges are your own.

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