Busy Parents Briefing: Mark Zuckerberg Got Married - IPO & I Do What a Week


It has been quite a week for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. On Friday, Facebook went public, with their IPO making Zuckerberg and his employees very, very, very rich.  Last Monday partner Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg graduated from medical school at UC San Francisco.  Then to cap it all off Mark Zuckerberg updated his Facebook status to “married.”

Their wedding? It came as a surprise to the friends and family.

According to the Associated Press, the hundred guests in attendance at the couple’s house in Palo Alto were under the impression that they were there to celebrate Priscilla’s graduation, but once they arrived they were informed that the celebration was actually the Zuckerbergs’ wedding. “Everybody was shocked,” the (anonymous) guest said. Zuckerberg didn’t wear his trademark hoodie but instead wore a suit and tie (Priscilla wore a traditional wedding dress).

The couple, both 27, met at Harvard and have been together for nine years.  Congrats to the happy and VERY wealthy couple.

Photo: via Facebook