Busy Parent Briefing: Why Was the University of Texas Evacuated?

Universtiy of Texas Receives Bomb Threat

University of Texas students were in for a big surprise when they started classes on Friday morning. All students were told to evacuate all the buildings and to “get as far away as possible.

Earlier in the morning, according to University of Texas director of communications Rhonda Weldon, the school received a call at around 8:35 from a male who said he had placed bombs at various places around the campus and that they would go off in 90 minutes. The caller claimed he was with al-Qaida. After the threat, all the building were quickly emptied and but as of yet no bombs have been found.

This was the second bomb threat at an American college in one day. Earlier in the day North Dakota State University in Fargo, N.D., also ordered a campus wide evacuation. At this point there is no word if the two situations were related.

There has been a history of schools receiving bomb threats, both real and to avoid taking a test. Whether a prank or a act of terrorism, a bomb threat is always a serious situation.

Have you ever been somewhere where there was a bomb threat?

Photo Source: University of Texas

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