BuzzFeed Turns Up Some Seriously Disgruntled Dr. Pepper-Loving Pugs

I'm only look unhappy about this Dr. Pepper flap.

You’ve all heard about the new Dr. Pepper 10 campaign that claims the 10-calorie drink “isn’t for girls,” right? You can get the whole scoop here, or I can sum it up for you in four words: Stupid. Misogynistic. Ad. Campaign.

Anyhoo, BuzzFeed brilliantly put some of the actual comments taken from the Dr. Pepper facebook fanpage and put them over some expressively miffed pugs. The results are hilarious. But all of Buzzfeed’s photos are unusable by other sites (copyrights!), so I’ve created a few of my own and if you like, then click over for ten more Extremely Upset Pugs. Trust me when I say that the last one is the best. 

Photo Credit: flickr ©wombatarama

Photo Credit: flickr ©pug freak

Photo Credit: flickr ©tumbleweed

To clarify, I put together these disgruntled pugs pics. For the real deal and inspiration, please check out the story on Buzzfeed.



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