Caine's Arcade: Awesome Film About a 9-Year-Old Boy's Cardboard Arcade (Video)

Caine's Arcade

If you build it, they will come.  That’s just what happened to 9-year-old Caine Monroy who built a complex arcade out of cardboard in his father’s East LA Auto Parts store. Caine’s Arcade features handmade soccer games, a claw machine and all have built in hand-fed ticket dispensers.  Yup, the kid’s ingenious, creative and awesome.

Filmmaker Nirvan Mullick who just happened to be Caine’s first customer not only filmed Caine and his masterpiece but he arranged – via Facebook – for a flashmob to descend upon the hidden gem. And Caine, he could not be more thrilled…

The 10 minute film is sweet, heartwarming, and inspirational.  This kid – he is going places. As the Caine’s Arcade website says, “Imagine what this kid could build with an Engineering degree,” so they have started a scholarship fund which is already up to over seven grand.   Just showed yet again how awesome the internet is. Check out the film right here:

Image: Facebook

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