California Officially Becomes First State To Require Gay History To Be Taught In School

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Gay history is making history in California

It’s official: gay history will be added to social studies classes in California.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the landmark bill on Thursday, making California the first state in the country to require public schools to teach about prominent gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender figures. The legislature passed the bill last week, mostly on a party-line vote.

Not surprisingly, some parents, church and conservative groups were opposed to the bill, arguing it would promote a homosexual agenda and lead kids to start thinking about sexuality and gender identity at too young an age. Supporters assert that by teaching gay history, students will be exposed to positive gay role models, which could help reduce bullying of gay students.

The state plans to create guidelines for school districts, but educators will decide which historic figures should be included in the curriculum.

Do you support the new law, or do you think it will force kids to think about sexuality before it’s appropriate?

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