Can We All Agree to Stop Talking About Casey Anthony . . . Like, Right Now?

Caylee Anthony
All the talk in the world won't bring Caylee back or send Casey to jail (for Caylee's murder, anyway)

Did you hear? Casey Anthony was found not guilty by a jury of her peers for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Did you hear? A lot of people think Casey Anthony got away with murder.

Did you hear? Casey Anthony got out of jail just after midnight on Sunday.

Because of the beauty of double jeopardy, Casey Anthony will never, ever rot in prison for the murder of Caylee (she could very well go to prison for murdering someone else, but we don’t have a crystal ball). And since that’s the case and nothing — nothing — will change it, let’s stop giving her more power than she deserves.

In other words, let’s stop talking about Casey Anthony. Like, right now.

Let’s stop talking about how she’s wearing her hair and what color shirt she wore on Monday. Let’s stop speculating about where she went and where she’ll live. Let’s stop talking about her parents and her uncle and her brother and who’s talking to whom and who’s being cut out of the family communication loop. Let’s stop talking about where her lawyer ate lunch. Let’s stop talking about how Casey will inevitably get paid a lot of money to lie about her side of the story, and how she’ll have to turn around and give much of that money to other people who are suing her for things like defamation of character and misleading search and rescue teams.

If I’ve learned one thing as a daughter and as a parent, it’s that it’s best to not acknowledge something or someone if you don’t want to give it or them more power.

There’s love, hate and indifference, right? Love and hate are equal on the passion scale. Indifference is just cold. Let’s agree to be cold and indifferent about all things Casey Anthony.

Let’s not love or hate her, or love to hate her. Let’s ignore her. Yes, she will likely be set for life. Yes, she will likely do some sort of celebrity bikini mud wrestling match with Tonya Harding sometime in the next couple of years. Yes, she will probably get pregnant again. There’s nothing we can do about it. But if we ignore her, chances are strong that she will not get a second round in the wrestling ring or a second book deal  (because, let’s face it, she will publish at least one book) or another appearance on a Jerry Springer-type show (you know she’ll end up somewhere like that, too, for the right price). And just maybe, if we ignore her, when she has that inevitable second baby, it will have a chance at living a full like because Casey can focus on being a mom instead of media whore.

We can ask book publishers not to give her any ink, or Lifetime not to make a movie about her. But if we keep talking about her, the interest will keep growing, as will her visibility and bank account and her feeling of self-importance. No matter how much we talk about Casey, Caylee’s not coming back and the right person will not go to prison for her death. So let’s just stop talking about Casey.

The power is ours. Let’s not give it to her.

The silence begins . . . now.


Article Posted 5 years Ago
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