Can You "Summify" It For Me?


Sometimes I think social platform developers are sharing the same kool-aid as car manufacturers. I mean, how many times have you had to get all defensive with your “offline friends” about Twitter?! Summify has nothing to do with sunny mummies or summit muffins… I suppose we should take Summify seriously now since it passed the milestone of 2 billion aggregate stories last month… in a mere five months since it’s launch. Yup, that was billion with a ‘B.” Apparently, I’m not on the front edge of this curve!

I have to admit that it is a handy service, aggregating all the news stories across your multiple networks and automatically identifying the most important ones — based on how many times it’s been shared, tweeted and commented on. It also qualifies that by telling you who exactly is commenting/tweeting/sharing. You can customize your email digest settings from 5-10 top stories and determine the frequency of your emails. There’s a phone app too.

I particularly like the short “summary” overlaid on each story that gives me a feel for whether it’s worth the click to find out more.

They celebrated their 2-billion story milestone by launching a web redesign and releasing a new email feature — sending users a slick new email update, as well as updated social features.

So if you’re experiencing some symptoms of SMF (social media fatigue), this might help. A little. Theoretically, you at least have most (if not all) of your input in one place. Right now, it’s limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader. I can’t wait for Google Plus to be added.

So that’s my summary of Summify. If you’re on there already, let me know. Let’s share summifications. Or, summifies. #whatev.

photo credit: stock xchng