Can Your Child Handle Serious Grief? Kids and Funerals (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons: Paparutzi

It looked like a permission slip.  A simple white piece of paper starting with the words, “Dear Parents…..”  and ending with boxes to check ‘yes’, my child may attend, ‘no’, my child may not attend, or ‘my child will attend with me’….

But this wasn’t for a field trip.  This was for a funeral. One of my daughter’s classmates experienced a tragic death in the family recently.

I remember something like this when I was in school.  Three of them actually.  When I was in 8th grade, three…. yes THREE of my classmates lost a parent.  We were given the option to attend the funerals in support.  I remember going. I also remember how horribly sad it was.

I should clarify….. as I did, my children attend a private school, and the funerals are held in the church adjacent to the school…. so this isn’t a travel across town.  The church and the school are affiliated.

But this is a bridge we hadn’t crossed yet…. should we allow our seven-year-old daughter to attend a funeral in support of a classmate or were there other things we needed to take into consideration first?


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