Can Your Tween Get You to the Qatar World Cup?

qatar, world cup 2022 announcement
Will we see him in Qatar?

Okay, soccer moms. Get out your electronic organizers. Time to block off a couple of weeks in June/July 2022 for the World Cup in Qatar!

The lead soccer organization, FIFA, announced this tiny country on the Arabian peninsula will be the host country for the every-four-years competition. While 2022 seems a decade away (because it is), it’ll be here faster than you know it. Your little soccer prodigy  may very well be asked to suit up and represent the home team.

Not everyone is happy with today’s announcement that World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar. Judging from the round up of comments at the Washington Post, Qatar doesn’t have a worthy team, climate or soccer tradition and FIFA’s choice of this tiny country is a huge mistake.

Whatever, get used to it. Doha or bust.

Anyway, by choosing Qatar (and Russia for World Cup 2018), FIFA is stretching beyond its usual World Cup host nation boundaries and will have made a better case for the term “World” in this ultimate, international soccer competition.

So what do you think, soccer snack moms? Qatar 2022?


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