Car Stolen With Kids Inside


Car Stolen with Kids InsideA mom in Georgia went through an unimaginable nightmare. During a robbery at her home, her car was stolen with two of her children still inside.

The kids are OK now.

Here’s what happened:

Alicia Cabrera arrived home and saw a vehicle she didn’t recognize in her driveway. Two men were there to rob her. They fired a gun in her direction but missed. Then they stole her car, a Range Rover. Her 5 year old got out before they drove off, but her other two children, ages 2 and 8, were still inside.

After what must have been 20 very harrowing minutes, Cabrera’s husband found the car, abandoned, with the kids still inside. The article doesn’t mention that they were injured in any way, at least not physically. Mentally I can only imagine. Although maybe the 2 year old is young enough to forget this ever happened.

The important thing is that everyone is all right. But yikes. That’s a rough one.

Source: TheGrio

Image (stock, not the actual car): SXC