Carseat Maker Knocking Toyota Has Its Own Dirty Past


evenflo-picking-on-toyotaBad news for Toyota just became good news for parents in the market for a carseat. But is Evenflo that proverbial pot poking fun at the kettle?

The company has offered up a $10 discount on some of its carseats to anyone affected by the Toyota recall. Sounds great on the surface, but this parenting writer apparently has a longer memory than the Evenflo company.

How quickly they forget their own recalls – including an exersaucer recall that happened just two months ago, an activity center this time last year and a host of carseat recalls over the years. And dare we mention several Evenflo booster seats were on the “not recommended” list issued by the Institute of Highway Safety LESS than two months ago?

No one is happy about the Toyota recalls (least of all my Prius owning friend!), and everyone could use a little extra money in this economy – even if it’s just $10. But is Evenflo being a bit too gleeful here? Particularly considering the inference with this offer is that you need to get a new carseat in case your gas pedal sticks while you’re driving with your kids. Which sounds rather gruesome.

Are you happy to see $10 off your bill or does this make you want to avoid Evenflo?

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