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Casey Anthony Acquitted: Now What? 5 Things That Could Be Next for Her

By Sunny Chanel |

What's Next for Casey Anthony?

It was a shock for all us armchair judges. The Casey Anthony trial did not end as many had thought.

In June 2008, Caylee disappeared and her body was found six months later.   And on Monday, in a Florida courtroom, Casey Anthony was acquitted on charges that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Casey Anthony will not be given the death sentence (which she could have if convicted of first-degree murder).  She won’t even be spending the rest of her days behind bars. Many think she totally lucked out with the verdict. But her life will never be the same. So what is next for Casey Anthony? How much time will she serve in prison? Will she sell her story? Here are 5 things that could be next for this notorious mom.

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Casey Anthony Acquitted:  What Now? 5 Things That Could Be Next for Her

Prison Time

Casey Anthony was found guilty for one thing, lying to investigators. She will be sentenced on Thursday and may be looking at a year for each count. It’s be reported that Casey is probably looking at about four years, but she’s been in prison for three years, so that can be seen as time served. She could be out in a year or less.

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0 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Acquitted: Now What? 5 Things That Could Be Next for Her

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  4. bob says:

    If there was a Strollerderby drinking game, slideshows would definitely be part of it. And comments containing ellipses.

  5. Rebecca Hermreck says:

    I can’t believe we can convict people for a DUI in this country…therefore allow people like OJ and Casey to WALK!!!!! What has happened to our country? May God Bless our little Caylee and her Grandparents. This is a sad day in the USA!!! Justice has not been served……I and many many others are in shock.

  6. Diera says:

    Right now, under ‘New This Week’ on the main page, out of 8 stories, 7 are slideshow format. Whiskey tango foxtrot?

  7. admin says:

    Thanks, readers! We’re planning to improve the slideshow functionality ASAP so it works better for you! Appreciate your patience in the meantime and thanks for your feedback! -Babble Editors

  8. mamabear says:

    A slideshow for this really??

  9. SunnyChanel says:

    Our slideshow functionality is new, and it’s like a shiny toy that we just starting playing with. As our editorial team said, we will be improving it.

  10. mamabear says:

    The functionality doesn’t need to be improved, they just need to go away. They aren’t user friendly and make the articles really disjointed. Just give us a list or a cohesive article instead of an intro and a stupid slideshow. Slideshows should be used to show multiple images not break up parts of a story.

  11. Diera says:

    Right now it seems like the writers are generating a lot of arbitrary lists of 5 or 7 or 12 or whatever, just so they can put them into slideshow format. I can’t imagine what improvement to the technology is going to make these lists more interesting.

  12. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    Slideshow hate by Babble readers would be an excellent subject for a slideshow.

  13. Larissa says:

    I thought I was the only one who hated the slide shows. Really, makes me not want to read this blog. Ugh. Make. It. Stop!

  14. Manjari says:

    What Mamabear said!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Improving functionality? That doesn’t fix the problem that the slideshows suck! You can put lipstick on a pig…

  16. LogicalMama says:

    I’m with the majority on this. Babble slideshows suck!

  17. Diana says:

    dont buy her book, dont watch any tv where her demon face is shown, if she gets a movie on lifetime change the channel, any wisp of her name do not pay attention to it even if its on babble ignore it like the plague dont comment on it nothing, dont let this monster live comfortably and profit off of the murder she commited, dont allow her to live life comfortably. let her wallow in solitude , allow her to eat palm scum dont give her a chance at raising another child let alone being near one. she comes to a party leave. i wanted to say though i noticed some of the people in the courtroom were her party friends like the african american girl patting her on the back if you look at the picture above then look at the court room at the time of the judgment…i guess they are soulace too hope they dont have babys to make money off of . if she killed her daughter to make money off of her ..that is just sick this whole story is sick and will be the last time i comment or speak of that demons name hope she rots in hell and recieves the same treatment her daughter recieved over and over again with pictures of her daughter flashing before her eyes maybe then she would have some remorse. but i guess a demon like that could care less. Caylee im sorry your mother thought you were such a burden, im sorry she couldnt give you to your grandparents, im just sorry for you angel and wish this didnt have to happen to you, an innocent 2 year old who was defensless, i hope that is the only suffering you endured while in the care of that demon, if not wish there was someone there to protect you and take you away from that evil person. cant believe she got away with it.

  18. ttownvampiress says:

    wow didnt know baby killers had rights someone needs to beat that hoe down and show her what it like to be abused then murdered for no reason. kids aint problems they are blessings and she doesnt even deserve to be spit on!

  19. Kaye says:

    Casey can be tried again by the State. There is a petition being signed right now on calling for this. There is a law that overrides double jeopardy and they want that enforced. Please go on the site and sign it.

  20. snn says:

    ok im not from the u.s. so my opinion shouldnt matter. what happened though was pretty disturbing.

    first of all, they found search stuff on her computer, searching about tape, lye, how to kill a child, etc. she also didnt look for her kid until a few days later..or a week? also im not sure about this but it was said she found her kid dead, and buried her kid? so whats up w/ the tape on the mouth and hands?

    first time i saw this on tv i was like, so sure shes gonna be served life imprisonment ….i never in a million years thought she would walk free.

  21. Rosa Rivera says:

    Shame on the jury who was stupid enough to let her go. They could’ve gone at least with life in prison.

  22. Hayley says:

    People can also be tried again if new evidence pops up or a new witness comes forward. i’m pretty sure of it.

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