Casey Anthony Book Coming Soon


In case you haven’t heard enough about Casey Anthony, the infamous mom who was shockingly acquitted of her daughter’s murder last week, you’ll soon be able to read all about her. Again. In book form this time.

The New York Times reports that a Casey Anthony book is in the works from St. Martin’s.

My colleague Carolyn can rest easy, though. This book won’t be written by Casey. Television pundit Keith Ablow is penning it. I’m not sure how I feel about anyone making money off this sordid tale, but I guess it was inevitable.

The book is due out in the fall. The NYT says:

“Dr. Ablow delivers a cogent, comprehensible way of understanding exactly how Casey Anthony’s psyche may have developed and how her psychological development and the dynamics within her family ended the life of Caylee Anthony,” a spokesman for St. Martin’s, part of Macmillan, said in a statement. “Whether readers liked or hated the jury’s verdict, Dr. Ablow will answer the question, ‘Why is Caylee Anthony dead?’ “

I feel like there are smart, interesting things that can be said about this case: about the murder itself and the trial and the media coverage. I doubt a Fox News commentator is going to say any of them, though. I suspect this book will be little more than a tabloid exploitation of a sensational story.

Will you read it anyway? Or have you had enough of Casey Anthony?

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