Casey Anthony Found in Ohio: Is She Headed to Florida? And What Was She Caught Doing?

Casey Anthony Found!

For all those Casey Anthony searchers – the notorious mom has finally been spotted. Over the weekend the very much free Ms. Anthony was seen out and about in Ohio.

There had been speculation that Casey was headed to Ohio after being released, and it looks like those guesses were right. Casey has family in her native state, but there is no word if she has been spending time with them.

What was she doing when she was spotted. She was going shopping. Trying to blend in, Casey was seen at a Old Navy checking out summer dresses. There had been rumors that Casey Anthony would make big changes in her appearance after being released to avoid being recognized, but her way of going incognito was by putting on a pair of glasses and throwing on a Ohio State University ball cap.

But are her days in Ohio numbered, is her next stop Florida?

A judge in Ohio ordered Casey Anthony to return to Florida to serve the year probation that she was sentenced to when she plead guilty to check fraud (she stole her best friend’s check book and went on a shopping spree). Due to a court error, she was credited for already serving her probation even though the judge’s orders were that she must serve her punishment only after being  being released on charges of murdering her daughter. Her lawyer Jose Baez is fighting the order and is doing everything he can to avoid having Casey return to Florida. The main reason? Her safety.

“The last thing we want to do is put Casey in harm’s way,” Baez told the TODAY show. “We’re very concerned. It’s not something we’re taking lightly.”

Do you think her life will be in danger if she returns to Florida?

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