Casey Anthony Released From Prison: Where Is She Headed?

Casey Anthony is a Free Woman

Eight minutes after midnight on Sunday morning Casey Anthony was set free.

The notorious mother who was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony – after spending the last three years in jail and the last twelve days waiting to get out –  Casey Anthony is, to the dismay of many, a free woman.

Anthony, wearing a cheery pink T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants walked out the doors of the Orange County jail. By her side was her lawyer Jose Baez and two sheriff deputies who were enlisted to protecting her from the masses.

Even though Casey Anthony left in the middle of the night, that didn’t mean there wasn’t an angry audience. Along with oodles of media and TV cameras, there were reportedly about a thousand onlookers. Thankfully there were no incidents, and although there was lots of booing and yelling, the crowd kept calm, but the large police presence probably helped with that.

So, the big question? Where is Casey Anthony headed now?Since Casey Anthony was acquitted of Caylee’s murder, those who believe in the old chestnut of an ‘eye for an eye’ have wanted to do Casey harm. She also received her fair share of death threats. There has been some pretty big security concerns for Casey’s safety and because of that Casey’s people have not released where she is headed. The only thing we now – as of now – is that they headed eastbound on I-4 in an SUV.  Some have said Casey will be going to a ‘safe house’ which is probably for the best. One thing for sure, she won’t be going to her parents house, she wouldn’t even let them visit her after the verdict.  Other speculation has her getting plastic surgery, donning a disguise and heading out to someplace like Puerto Rico.

My guess, she’s heading to New York City to do the talk show circuit, earn a couple million and then go retire in the Bahamas.

Where do you think she’ll be going next?




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