Casey Anthony Seeks Psychological Help: Is it a Play For Sympathy? (VIDEO)


The tears, oh….the tears.  We didn’t see many of them from Casey Anthony, now did we?  One would imagine that a mother who lost her child would spend days or weeks or months crying….or sobbing, rather, but not, Ms. Anthony.  For much of her trial, and many of the times she was photographed, the picture you see here, was NOT the norm.  She was stoic.  Stone-faced even.

And now the news today via People Magazine that Anthony is seeking psychological help.  Truth be told, this isn’t really ‘news’.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she has grief issues and who knows what else. Not to mention the weight of being hated by, well, everyone.

But before you start filling the comments with frustrated notes like, ‘Why, oh, why Danielle, are we talking about Casey Anthony again??’  Hear me out….I have a question for you.  And it isn’t just related to Casey Anthony.