Casey Anthony Selling Her 1st Interview — But Is Anyone Buying?

A Casey Anthony Interview?

Casey Anthony is officially for sale. Since she was released from jail on July 17th after being acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony, she has been on the down-low and has hid from the masses who not just dislike her but hate her with a passion. She is a social pariah — a woman who didn’t get a life behind bars, but resides in her own personal prison. And now Casey Anthony needs cash and is ready and reportedly willing to sell her story. But will anyone buy it?

The asking price? The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the cost for a “no-holds-barred” interview is between $500,000 – $750, 000. A steep price, but it’s not the money that is making the networks shy away from having her on, it’s the backlash that they’d receive if they paid her to talk. So far many networks have already said no. Discovery and A&E Networks (which includes Lifetime) have both passed on the offer. MSNBC and HLN haven’t been approached but said they wouldn’t pay for an interview with her either. And the biggies? ABC News, CBS News and NBC News — they have all previously stated that they would never pay Casey Anthony for an interview.

But it may not be just their good conscience that has guided this decision, although one cable executive said that “backlash would not be worth it. “It is also a financial issue. “It will get very good ratings,” said another cable source. “But who would want to put their ads in that kind of show?” Yes, people would turn in, but what company would want to be associated with such an infamous woman?

If a network did air the interview, would you watch?

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