Casey Anthony Trial: Shocking Claim! Caylee Drowned in Pool...But Why All the Lies?


There was a shocking claim by the defense lawyer for 25-year-old Casey Anthony, the mother who is accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee. Casey Anthony’s attorney claimed that this case was “not a murder. Not a manslaughter case. Not a case of aggravated child abuse.” He made the statement that Caylee, “died when she drowned in her family swimming pool.”   This – he claimed – was supposedly an accidental death but the cover up spiraled out of control. But this just begs the question. Why up to now were there all those ‘lies’?

The defense is slated to say that since the age of eight Casey Anthony has been living a lie. Why?  The defense attorney threw a bombshell and suggested that Casey Anthony was sexually and physically abused by her father George Anthony. The defense claims that from a young age, Casey was conditioned to tell fibs and lies because she feared the wrath of her mother and father.  They are also apparently going to claim that Casey Anthony’s father helped cover up the death of Caylee along side his daughter Casey.

With all the searches for Caylee’s body, the media attention, the claims of a odd smell coming from the trunk of Casey’s car…if Caylee’s death was really an accident, why didn’t Casey come forward with the claim earlier? Or if this scenario is true, that it was an accidental drowning in the family pool (about 300 children under the age of 5 die each year by accidental pool drownings) why didn’t Casey call 911? Why weave all the tall tales? Was it that she was so emotionally damaged from her own childhood she didn’t know how to handle it or is this just a last ditch attempt to try to give a shadow of doubt to the jury?

As more details come out, we’ll learn more about what is being claimed, but this seems to be pretty out of left field.

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