Casey Anthony Update

Casey Anthony's pretrial hearings continue

The third day of pretrial hearings in the Casey Anthony trial ended with the judge refusing to decide on some key elements of the case.

One thing he did weigh in on was whether or not Casey’s defense team can call a TV reporter as a witness in the case: no. The judge said reporters should not be subjected to “fishing expeditions”.

Other than that, the day was largely taken up with testimony from Casey’s family. The defense hopes to demonstrate that her parents were acting as “agents of the state” getting information from Casey when they visited her in in jail. If they can demonstrate that, they hope to keep some of her incriminating statements from surfacing in the trial.

The other big move forward in today’s hearing was an accord between the defense attorney and the lead prosecutor. The two had been sparring, and the prosecution had filed a motion asking the judge to find the defense in contempt. In the end, all it took to sort things out was an apology from the defense for personal insults. The two shook hands, and the motion was withdrawn. Hopefully as the trial moves forward they’ll be able to act like civil adults to one another.

Casey Anthony is on trial for the 2008 murder of her daughter, Caylee. If convicted, she faces the death penalty. Caylee was only 2 when she was killed. The trial is set to start in May.

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