Casey Anthony's Second Video Diary Appears! (Satire)

casey anthony video diary
We see her true nature in Casey's second video diary.

So many of you were disgusted with Casey Anthony’s cheap and pathetic attempt at gaining attention via her first YouTube video diary. Casey never once mentioned her daughter Caylee in the nearly 5 minute recording, which isn’t surprising, but is sickening nonetheless. Casey did, however, talk about how happy she is to finally have a computer, a cell phone and a dog, who she says “is as much my dog as any of the other pets I’ve ever had.” Um, what? Okay, lady.

Casey Anthony is clearly a sociopath, and looking at her or worse yet listening to her makes any feeling person’s blood boil. But what to do with all that anger? How to channel it?

My friend Giulia Rozzi came up with a brilliant way to deal with her rightful resentment toward Casey. Rozzi’s used her repugnance to fuel a hilarious parody of the cold-hearted killer in a second video diary. And yes, we get to meet Casey’s dog: