Cash-For-Grades Fundraiser Dropped


fundraiser-report-card-sm250In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Wayne County school administrators in North Carolina have put the brakes on a planned cash-for-grades fundraiser at Rosewood Middle School in Goldsboro.

The idea was to offer students a 10 point bonus on two test grades of their choice in exchange for a $20 donation.  The school’s parent advisory council came up with the plan and Principal Susie Shepherd approved it.   But when the local newspaper got wind of it, district administrators stepped in.

It seems that after a disappointing candy fundraiser last year, the organizers thought they could raise more money by giving everyone what they really want:  Better grades.  But Principal Shepherd defended the idea by insisting that the added bonus points could in no way impact a student’s final grade.

I would like to see the math behind Shepherd’s logic.  How could adding ten points to a test score not impact at least some students’ final grades?

Clearly, this ill-conceived fundraising idea gets a big, fat F.  But unfortunately, it is an indication of just how desperate schools are to raise money in these hard economic times.

Is your child’s school sponsoring unusual fundraisers to help bridge the budget gaps?

Image: amboo who?/Flickr

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