Nir Rosen Apologizes for Comments About CBS Reporter Lara Logan, Who Vows to Go Back to Work


lara logan cbs reporter
Nir Rosen

The Hollywood Reporter announced this morning that CBS reporter Lara Logan left the New York hospital yesterday she was recovering in after being attacked in Egypt.  The working mother is now at home with her two children, but has assured friends she plans to get back to work within the next few weeks, according to TMZ.  Logan was sexually assaulted and beaten on February 11th by a mob in Cairo celebrating the end of Mubarak’s reign.

Shockingly, some journalists found Logan’s assault an occasion for mockery, most notably NYU fellow Nir Rosen who made multiple rude and heartless comments about Logan on his Twitter stream.  Rosen has since apologized, releasing a statement via The Hollywood Reporter.  In it, he says:

I deeply regret making insensitive but completely insincere jokes to a couple of friends on Twitter. I am deeply ashamed because they do not represent who I am, and I would like to convey my most heart felt apologies to Ms. Logan, her family, her friends, all women and to everyone I have hurt, angered and disappointed. In addition to my insensitivity I showed tremendous lack of judgment. I hope that my eight years of work dedicated to finding justice for the weak will show my true nature and that in time I will be forgiven for my hurtful statements, which I did not mean at all.

I’m happy to report that Rosen has since resigned from his fellowship at NYU’s Center for Law and Security.  Karen Greenberg, Executive Director of the Center, issued a statement today saying:

Nir Rosen is always provocative, but he crossed the line with his comments about Lara Logan. I am deeply distressed by what he wrote about Ms. Logan and strongly denounce his comments. They were cruel and insensitive and completely unacceptable. Mr. Rosen tells me that he misunderstood the severity of the attack on her in Cairo. He has apologized, withdrawn his remarks, and submitted his resignation as a fellow, which I have accepted. However, this in no way compensates for the harm his comments have inflicted. We are all horrified by what happened to Ms. Logan, and our thoughts are with her during this difficult time.

Sources: TMZ, The Hollywood Reporter, NYU