CDC Sells Stuffed Swine Flu Toy


stuffed-swine-fluThe CDC has put a lot of energy into reminding us that swine flu is no laughing matter.  So how, then, do they explain this:  a giant, pink, stuffed, swine flu virus.

Also, the CDC has a gift shop?  I had no idea.

In any case, the stuffed … er … toy? is made to resemble a swine flu microbe, only it’s pink and has a snout, so it looks kind of like a pig’s nose, too.  (Weren’t we all supposed to forget that this germ came from swine so that we’d all start eating bacon again?)  Manufactured by, it sells for $7.95.  And if pandemic flus don’t strike your fancy, you can also get a stuffed cold virus, E. coli, or ebola.

I suppose it might be something to cuddle up with while you’re recovering from H1N1 — what is that they say about keeping your friends close and your flu bugs closer?

What do you think — cute or creepy?