Celebrating Your Mom's Presence on Social Media (Video)

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Friending mom offers lots of LOLz.

My mother is a vibrant part of my life — on Facebook. Like Ilana Glazer, who appears in the video below made by her brother, Eliot, my friends love when mother gets involved in discussions on my page. They all recognize my mom from The Widow and the Divorcee, my webseries about the years I spent living with her after leaving my ex. For anyone under the age of 45 and over the age of 18, interacting with our parents on the Internet or via text can be quite hilarious; my mother once told me she couldn’t wait to share something of mine with all of her “fans” on Facebook. (She doesn’t ever text me, tho – in fact, she just got her first cell phone. It does not “do text.”)

In honor of that dynamic, and of course Mother’s Day, enjoy this heartwarming video by Eliot Glazer of My Parents Were Awesome in partnership with Olay, “When Mom Goes Online.”