Celebrity Chef's Wife's Infertility Led to Murder Plot, Police Say


There’s now a motive in the strange case of Food Network chef Juan-Carlos Cruz, arrested last week for allegedly attempting to arrange for the murder of his wife.


Both the Los Angeles Times and the TMZ are reporting that Cruz’s wife Jennifer Campbell was severely depressed after years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child. While the TMZ says that Campbell had spoken to friends about the desire to end her life and that Cruz was planning, after arranging for the murder of his spouse, to commit suicide, the Los Angeles Times says police doubt that the former host of Calorie Commando planned to do himself in.

Cruz was taken into custody last week, after a Santa Monica homeless man told police that the calorie counting chef had offered him money to kill Campbell. Cruz pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of attempted murder and soliciting murder.

Bizarrely, Cruz’s West Los Angeles neighbors are describing him as a “doting husband” to his high school sweetheart wife, who also volunteered his time to an animal therapy program that worked with sick children.

There has been no word from Campbell.

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