Cellphone For A Six-Day-Old Baby?


september09-129a_crop1I can hear Henny Youngman — “Take my son — please!” — only this is no joke.  A young couple in Southwestern China actually sold their six-day-old son for slightly less than $400 in order to buy a cellular phone.  Now there’s a couple of kids — he’s 21 and she’s 19 — with some mixed up values.  I would have held out for enough to buy a laptop at the very least.

“I have no job and cannot support myself, let alone the baby,” the father reportedly said.  He also noted that he didn’t want the baby back.  The mother has said she would take the baby and raise him, but the police aren’t sure she will be able to do so successfully.  After she sold, or at least allowed the father to sell the baby, I don’t think she should be allowed anywhere near any kids.  In fact, if it were up to me, the two of them wouldn’t even get to see the light of day very often.

I used to joke around a lot when people would say how great my oldest son was, asking if they wanted him, until one time he asked me why I was always trying to give him away.  I explained that I was just kidding and that I’d never actually give him away, but ever since, I’ve tried to avoid such jokes, especially when the kids are around.  This couple in China actually went through with it, if the reports are correct.  I can barely imagine the utter lack of respect for human life that it would take to sell a baby.  I am very glad that people took action and reported what was going on.

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