Centenarian Ann Nixon Cooper Dies - Late Morning News


Ann Nixon CooperGetting a late start this morning, but still wanted to bring you a few headlines. Consider it an early Christmas present, or a late Chanukah present.

Ann Nixon Cooper died today at the age of 107; she was the 100-plus year old African-American woman who voted for Barack Obama and actually lived long enough to see a Black man elected President. President Obama talked about her in his acceptance speech on November 4, 2008. Here’s a video:

From the New York Times: “The Senate voted 60 to 39 early Tuesday on three steps leading up to a final vote on sweeping health care legislation later this week.” Prediction: if this passes, it will be considered too weak by Democrats, and will be called a partisan vote by Republicans. I know, I’m like Kreskin.

This is a weird story. Hewlett-Packard has a computer with a webcam that is supposed to follow people’s faces. But it only works with white people, according to this video, called HP computers are racist. Take a look:

Pretty strange, right? HP quickly issued a statement saying that this was a software error and they would fix it. It’s still funny. And annoying. And… well, it’s kind of funny. At least the video is.

Brittany Murphy had “large Amounts” of prescription drugs in her bedroom, according to US Weekly. Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, didn’t want an autopsy. Note to self: if you want police to do an autopsy, tell them not to. Video report:

And finally, the New York Giants beat the snot out of the Washington Redskins. The score was 45-12. They did this without running back Brandon Jacobs scoring a touchdown or rushing for very many yards. This means that my fantasy football team, the Bald Eagles, lost in the playoffs. Mixed emotions in the Singer household.