Century-old Letter to Santa Discovered in Chimney


Proof that children have been penning their holiday wishes in letters to Santa for over 100 years was found in a Dublin chimney. The letter was discovered by the home’s current occupant, John Byrne, while central heating was being installed.

According to John, who works in the building industry, fireplaces at the time were made out of brick with a shelf on each side. The letter was found on one of these shelves. 

So, what did children in 1911 want for Christmas? The letter reads: “I want a baby doll and a waterproof with a hood and a pair of gloves and a toffee apple and a gold penny and a silver sixpence and a long toffee.”

It also contained drawings and a “Good luck” message for Santa. There’s something sweet and simple about the letter when compared to those of today’s children, which often contain pleas for iPods and battery-operated toys and gadgets.

According to a census, there were three children living in the home at the time it was written. It is believed to be written by two of these children, brother and sister Hannah, 10, and Alfred, 7, whose initials match those on the letter.

Jezebel via Irish Times

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