Chandra Levy Killer Gets 60 Years Do Her Parents Feel Justice Was Done?


Chandra Levy‘s alleged murderer was sentenced on Friday. The Salvadoran national named Ingmar Guandique will be spending the next 60 years in prison, so basically the rest of the 28-year-old’s life.

Guandique was convicted by the D.C. Superior Court for the 2001 murder of Chandra Levy, a congressional intern. Prosecutors had wanted a sentence of life with no possibility of parole, but the defense stood by their stance that there was no DNA evidence or witnesses and that Ingmar Guandique never confessed to the crime.

To be Chandra Levy’s parents and to not have the man accused of taking their daughter’s life given the harshest punishment available must be a hard cross to bear. What must they be thinking when the sentence of 60 years vs. life was handed down?

“We would like justice to be done, but even if it is done, it won’t bring her back so we’ll never really be happy,” Chandra’s father, Robert Levy, told FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera back in 2009. “We have a terrible void in our life…we have a life sentence without her,” his wife, Susan, added.

At the victim impact statement at D.C. Superior Court Susan Levy asked Ingmar Guandique, “Did you really take her. Look me in the eyes and tell me.” He did not reply.

“Finally, f*ck you,” Susan Levy said, pointing at her daughter’s alleged murderer. “That is it.”

How can anyone find peace after losing a child, even after the man who supposedly took her life was not just caught but jailed. It sounds like the Levy’s have their own life sentence of grieving and missing their beloved daughter.

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