Charity Does Immigration Check Before Handing out Toys


toysIf a poor family in some Texas towns want a little help stocking the space under the Christmas tree, they’re going to need proof of their citizenship.

A number of Houston charities have been accused of doing immigration checks before they’ll hand out toys collected for the poor.

The charities are requiring proof of income, which does make sense  – unfortunately some cheapskates have been known in the past to bilk a charity. But the families also  need to have a Social Security number to get their kids a free toy.

When it comes to charitable giving, it would seem the spirit should remain in check. And that spirit is “let’s make some kids happy” rather than “let’s make some American kids happy.”

The charities responded to the accusations from the Houston Chronicle, stating they’re simply trying to avoid fraud rather than create a political uproar.

Image: semihundido via flickr

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