Charter School Doubles As Nightclub


images-33A charter school in Philadelphia is being investigated for possibly renting its cafeteria out as a nightclub on weekend nights.

The school district isn’t sure whether the landlord for the property or the school itself was renting the space and is trying to find out.  Until they do, the district is requesting either the bar or the school to shut down.

The Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School (or Club Damani as it’s known on weekends) posted a letter on its website claiming that the accusations were, “a biased depiction of the true success story that Harambee truly is.”

Jeffrey  E. Piccola,  a Republican state senator, is outraged and feels the school should be shut down pronto.

“A bar should not be located anywhere near a school. To think that a full bar is actually operating in a school is an outrageous affront to charter schools, young children, educators and taxpayers everywhere.”

Kids do not attend school on Friday and Saturday night. Assuming the teachers aren’t handing out shots to the kids at snack time, this sounds like political posturing to me.  Investigate the school.  If the kids are being educated properly, that’s all that matters.

Image: 7gadgets