Check Your Klout: Bing and Instagram Added To Score


kloutDid your Klout score go up? If so, it might be because of your Instagram account. Yep, after adding the ability to connect Instagram to your Klout account ages ago, the influencer ratings site is now actually incorporating your data into your score. It’s likely your Klout score has gone up if you use the photo sharing site (mine went up by a point).

In addition, Klout has added Bing data to your score; this is particularly interesting; search data being included as an element of your influence could really change how influential you are. Very interested in how that goes.

Here’s what Klout had to say about the partnership with Bing on their blog:

Starting today, you can connect your Klout account to Bing. This is one of the early and natural fruits of the partnership we announced with Bing last Fall, and means that Bing search data will start becoming integrated into Klout’s algorithm. Search results will eventually factor into each user’s Klout Score

And Instagram:

Instagram generates some of social media’s most beautiful and engaging content, and is one of the most highly-requested networks by Klout users. Starting this week, all your Instagram activities will be part of your Klout Score, and your most popular photos will appear in your Klout Moments. We are rolling out this integration by phases so some of our users might have seen their score increase due to Instagram before this post.

The industry is still a long way from a perfect influence measurement tool, but it does appear that Klout is working hard on improving their algorithms.

So, did this help your score? Have you seen a jump?

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