Chicago Young Republicans Late(st) to Cover 'Call Me Maybe' (Video)

call me maybe, chicago young republicans
They need you so, so bad.

You’ve seen Cookie Monster’s cover of Call Me Maybe. And the US Swim Team’s. And the guy who was pro-Ryan Lochte. And there are plenty more. Some of them are parodies, some of them are just lip-dubs of the original song. What you haven’t seen is the Chicago Young Republicans parody of Call Me Maybe, but I’m about to show it to you. First, here’s what I learned watching this video:

1. Young Republican Sopranos have really fast vibrato.

2. At least one of the Young Republicans in this video probably lives in a log cabin.

3. There are no Black Young Republicans in Chicago.



“We’ll give you pizza, plus some free beer!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA #goodluckwiththat

Via BuzzFeed