Child Breaks World Record for Walking on Moving Plane


wing-walkerA British eight-year-old has broken a world record for an activity I didn’t even know was possible, let alone being a hotly contested Guinness Book of World Records entry.

It’s called wing-walking, it involves being strapped to the wing of a moving plane, and Tiger Brewer apparently does it like a pro. As well he should, seeing as how he’s the grandson of the leader of the world’s only formation wing-walking team. Judging from Tiger’s name, you’d think his family had long harbored hopes of raising a young wing-walker extraordinaire.

And Tiger did not disappoint, taking an outdoor ride on a plane flown by his grandpa 1,000 feet above the ground.

“I want to do it again now,” Tiger said after his maiden wing-walking voyage. “It really was amazing. The only thing that hurt was the windburn, but apart from that I loved it.” Ooh–I would imagine the winds up there could leave a bit of chafe.

World’s Youngest Wing-Walker may sound like an obscure title, but Tiger’s competition was no small potatoes. The previous record was held by 11-year-old Guy Mason, the son of the drummer for Pink Floyd.

How would you like your kids to have a grandfather like Tiger?

Photo: Buzzfeed

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