Same-Sex Marriage Ban in Iowa: a Kid Speaks Out [VIDEO]

zach wahls, iowa gay marriage ban
Zach Wahls wants to know how bad gay marriage could be if he's the product of such a union.

Yesterday, the Iowa House of Representatives voted to change the state’s constitution so that it would be illegal for gay couples to get married. Ever since an Iowa judge ruled in 2009 that a voter-approved gay marriage ban was unconstitutional, the state has been one of the few in the U.S. to show equality for all.

Citizens knew the Legislature would take up a constitutional ban this year and hundreds turned out to a hearing on the matter Monday, including the 19-year-old son of two Iowa women.

University of Iowa student Zach Wahls addressed a group of lawmakers that included Republican Rich Anderson, who said he thinks same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy and incest. Wahls spoke of his two moms, the strength of family and even told the committee chair that had he raised Wahls, he would no doubt have been proud of him.

Here’s Wahls’ full speech. It’s short, to the point and powerful.

Photo: On Top Magazine

Video: YouTube