Childbirth Doll a Little Too Accurate


Of course this is on Etsy, where else would it have been?! Based on everything I know of Etsy crafters I want to hang with those ladies because they are CRUNKED. They are like the Tony Starks of knitting. Except instead of getting hooched and flying around blasting their repulsers, they slam the purple drank, pick up some needles and do some damage.

Who ever made this is the Andy Warhol of crafting. Check out this latest epic squeezed out of the factory.

Description from the Etsy page.

She is anatomically correct, as is her newborn son! Her embellishments include a wedding ring, earrings and necklace and her son has a tiny belly button, made with a real button to which the umbilical cord attaches.

Yikes. Seriously, though, I need like 20 of these. My house needs to be filled with yarny afterbirth.


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