Child's Death Prompts Toy Recall


dart-gunA little boy died two years ago from choking on a toy dart, and now the Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided to do something about it. So less than two weeks before Christmas, they’re issuing a recall on the toy.

So much for a little advance warning. We understand recalls are serious business – and seriously expensive – which take serious investigation to kick off.

But the child in question, an eight-year-old from Texas, died in November 2007 while sucking on a dart from the Action Team Toy Dart Gun Set. The dart got lodged in his throat, and the recall states there’s a definite risk that other kids could accidentally swallow or aspirate the soft, pliable dart.

They couldn’t tell us this then? The good news for parents is these have been off the shelves since 2008 regardless. Sold nationally in discount department stores, the sales stopped around March of last year.

The Action Team play sets in question have a toy gun with three soft rubber darts, a S.W.A.T. watch, a baton, walkie-talkie, a whistle, and a badge with a clip and an identification card. The soft, pliable orange plastic darts have a nearly 2- inch long shaft and an inch diameter suction cup. The toy gun is black with an orange nose and trigger and red spring release mechanism.

Parents are advised to take the toys away from their kids immediately, and they can call importers OKK Trading for a $3 refund at 877-655-8697 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Image/Source: CPSC

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