Chinese Toddler Addicted to Cigarettes


baby-smokerA two-year-old is smoking a pack a day, thanks to his father’s misguided attempts to alleviate the pain of his other health problems.

Tong Liangliang smoked his first cigarette when he was 18 months-old, and has been gradually increasing his tobacco intake ever since. His father believed that cigarettes could relieve the pain of Tong’s hernia, since he was too young for an operation. We all know how difficult it is to watch a child in pain, but I’m truly incapable of imagining the thinking that would lead someone with otherwise good intentions to put a lit cigarette in a baby’s mouth.

We can only hope that this father’s dire mistake was due to simple ignorance, given that, as recently as 1998, two-thirds of Chinese people did not believe that smoking was harmful to your health. But now that the tot’s dangerous habit has become international news, it is essential that health care officials intervene in what is, to my mind, clearly a case of child endangerment.

Photo:  The Daily Mail

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