Choose Your High School Carefully


gaveljanjpg_cropUnless you don’t expect your kid to go to college or they have their sights set on Jerry Falwell’s Liberty “University”, you might want to pay attention to the courses your kids’ high school offers.  Some of them may not be accepted by the University of California as meeting the requirements needed in order to be eligible to apply for admission as an undergraduate.  In other words, your kids may need to retake some classes in order to go to a California University.

Why wouldn’t the classes fulfill the eligibility requirements?  The courses that resulted in the ruling this past week were ones in which high school students were taught creationism and other beliefs.  Now, no one’s saying that the schools can’t teach those subjects; you just can’t expect the UC system to accept them as fulfilling the requirements for a biology course.

The schools, Calvary Chapel Christian School in Murrieta, California and the Association of Christian Schools International, were not happy when the university system announced that they would not accept the courses and filed suit, claiming religious discrimination.  The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, however, disagreed.  “UC’s policy and its individual course decisions are not based on religion, but on whether a high school course is college preparatory,” ruled the panel.  So believe what you want, but if you want to get into the UC system, you’d best take some proper classes.

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