Choosing Between My Child and My Computer: The Trials and Tribulations of a Mommy Blogger


Mother and daughter on computerIf I had my druthers, I would spend all day in a grassy knoll making daisy chains with my darling daughter. But pesky things like living expenses trump frolicking and fun on most days. I find myself spending a considerable amount of time with my fingers frolicking instead across my computer’s keyboard. And this fact does not go unnoticed by my five-year-old daughter. Over the years, my only child has become quite jealous of my relationship with my laptop, it steals a significant amount of time and attention that could, and really should, be spent on her. And I totally get it.

I would rather be with her too. And it’s getting to a point where she is physically – trying to get between me and my computer. For the point of this discussion let’s go ahead and personalize this metallic being. Let’s call her Wanda.

When I’m with Wanda and my daughter wants me to play instead of work, she’ll do a couple of different things. 1) She’ll sit next to me and grab one of my arms to make typing not just difficult but nearly impossible. 2) She’ll go behind the screen and snap my laptop shut.  3) She’ll take her tiny hands and start typing her own gibberish weaved within my own like “dsjklah, saaaa swaw,” smack dab in the middle of a piece I’m writing for one of the Babble Blogs to which I am assigned.

I wish she realized it, but she doesn’t quite know how lucky she is. She may think I am picking Wanda over her, but not only do I get to provide for our family (keeping a roof over our heads, keeping her fed and clothed) but I am here for her. Anytime she needs me, I am there. She isn’t with a hired caretaker. She isn’t with a nanny. She isn’t at a preschool all day (and I should add that there is nothing wrong with that). But she has me. And although I wish I had some fat trust fund or didn’t have to worry about money, my writing, and my typing away throughout the day keeps us financially stable. I just hope she realizes that I don’t love Wanda. Wanda is not part of the family. I’m not choosing to be with Wanda more than my child; it’s just my job.

I will always love my daughter more than my computer. Now if I could just finish this post before asdjah*GEGsdguds…See! She’s at it again. I think it’s time for me to, at least for a little bit, choose her instead of my computer. Sorry, Wanda. I’m going to go make daisy chains. I’ll see you later.

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Photo: Boggs