Chris Colfers Golden Globe Speech (Video)

chris colfer golden globes speech
Chris Colfer made a splash with his Golden Globes speech.

In case you missed Glee cast member Chris Colfer’s Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech last night at the Golden Globes, it was simple, gracious and gave a nod of support to all the gay kids in America getting bullied at school.  The adorable 20-year-old actor seemed shocked to have won the award, his mouth wide open during the long walk he took from the back of the theatre where he was seated at a table with friends.

Colfer’s delightful speech may be the only Golden Globes acceptance to end with the phrase, “Well, screw that kids!”  Take a look:

Colfer is gay, and admits to having been bullied by kids in real life.  Glee devoted an entire episode to the gay bullying epidemic back in November, and will reportedly add another gay character to the show in an upcoming episode.  According to the UK’s Now magazine, Anne Hathaway will play Colfer’s character Kurt’s lesbian aunt.